About Our Company

Vince and his twin brother Jason started experimenting in the spring of 2008 by tapping a couple of maple trees in our back yard and spent several hours attempting to boil sap on a turkey fryer. After the entire day of watching the transformation, they had themselves two quarts of syrup. The following year they decided to build a sugar shack and purchased a small hobby evaporator. As the business continued to grow over the next three years, the overwhelming demand for time, travel, and expenses caused Jason to part ways with the maple syrup industry.

In 2012 we purchased a custom evaporator, built an addition on our sap house to accommodate the larger equipment and began expanding our options. As the year of 2013 began we decided to make a business of producing maple syrup. In April of that year our business certificate was purchased and we became Grimm’s Maple Products.

The demand for pure maple syrup seemed to be growing so fast our business began to take off quickly, so we decided to start offering more maple products to meet the demand. We began making Molded Maple Sugar, Maple Cream, Granulated Maple Sugar and even Maple Fluff. In the fall of 2013 we added another addition onto the sap house which offered us a full kitchen and office. The entire maple syrup production is very interesting and for those inquiring minds we have also started offering scheduled tours during our production season.

Producing Grade A Maple Syrup

The maple syrup production begins in late winter with the preparation of clearing access roads in the snow, removing fallen branches, installing new lines and any additional repairs that that are needed to make our season successful. In early spring we begin to start the tapping process which could take anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks. The length of actual production is based on weather conditions and air temperature. The ideal season is to have below freezing temperatures at night and mild temperatures during the day. We have several locations where we collect our sap using a pump system to transport the sap back to our sugar house. Most of our sap tubing flows with gravity but our largest sugar bush is hooked to a vacuum system which allows us to gain more sap.

Once we have the sap back to our sugar house we can begin the boiling process of turning sap into maple syrup by using an evaporator. The boiling point varies each day based on the barometric pressure. Although there are several ways to boil sap, Grimm’s Maple Products uses a wood fired arch. A hydrometer is used to test the density of the syrup so we can ensure our customers they are getting the best product. Our syrup is then finished on a finishing pan, ran through a filter press and transferred to the canner where we begin the bottling process.

We use a grading kit to determine the grade of maple syrup. With a lighter syrup you will have a sweeter flavor and as the syrup gets darker, you will taste more of a maple flavor.One is not better than the other but all depends on your personal preference. Our plastic containers are packaged at 180 degrees and glass containers are packaged at 190 degrees. You will find Grimm’s Maple Products offers a wide variety of sizes in both plastic and glass. A percentage of our finished product is put into bulk containers and eventually used to sell, repackage, or make other maple products.